What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a holistic health modality that aims to treat the cause of disease in the body and return it back to balance. It  focuses on a patient centred approach and involves a combination of therapies working with the whole person and educating the patient in the ways of empowering, maintaining and promoting health. It utilises a combination of traditional herbal medicines and current scientific evidence, nutritional supplements, diet and lifestyle recommendations. It aims to treat the whole person, allowing the body systems to work together in a balanced symphony.

At Naturally Grounded we focus on the patient and involve them in the decision making process to help them to achieve their health and wellbeing goals. We use an integrative approach to help clients. Naturopathy also incorporates the following:

  • The promotion of patient wellbeing and empowerment through education and health promotion, with the use of herbal medicines, nutritional supplements and food as medicine.
  • Evidence based care supporting the concept of recent and up to date scientific research and literature on numerous health issues and supplements.
  • Collaboration with other Allied Health and Medical Professionals.
  • Holism and the recognition that health is multidimensional.


  • The use of supportive measures that may complement other interventions, these include:
    • Stress management prescription.
    • Exercise / Yoga / Meditation.
    • Nutritional and Dietary Planning.
    • Social and Spiritual considerations.
    • Education and Health Promotion.
    • Iris Analysis.
    • Blood pressure – monitor
    • Zinc Tally Test.